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Are you seeking to supplement your income or launch your own tutoring career by teaching children how to read? Whether you are a classroom teacher, homeschooling parent, or an entrepreneur desiring to start a full or part-time reading skills tutoring service, this certification training course is for you. This course will equip you to start your own virtual and in-person reading tutoring service. We will equip you with all the tools and skills you need to earn income and succeed by helping children learn to read.

You will gain all the skills and practical tools you need to teach anyone how to read. You will learn how to use multi-sensory, evidence-based tools and techniques to teach children how to overcome reading difficulties and specific learning disorders. Our Systematic Training in Analytical Reading Skills (or STARS) program will prepare you to teach children the phonetic skills they need to understand everything they read. In other words, you will learn how to teach phonemic awareness and phonics, in the most effective, exciting ways.

You will also learn how to use our digital LMS course platform as both a student and an instructor, which will prepare you to turn this training course into a teaching tool for anyone to use. Certification will unlock full access to our LMS (Learning Management System), which will allow you to recruit, enroll, and manage your clients online. You'll be able to go from training to teaching immediately.

Throughout your training process, we will provide webinars and live coaching sessions so that you will become completely familiar and comfortable with our multi-sensory tools and techniques.

For an investment of only $49 per month, you will be able to gain Orton-Gillingham certification from ScholarSkills--one of the most reputable and outstanding tutoring services in America. Orton-Gillingham is the most popular, recommended, and recognized approach for remediating or preventing reading difficulties and disorders. Certification by ScholarSkills as an Orton-Gillingham Systematically Trained Analytical Reading Skills teacher (O-G STAR teacher) will give you the credibility you need to promote your services to parents and schools.

Start training for your new career today. If you desire to become a transformational reading teacher or tutor, we will equip you with all the tools and skills you need to earn income and succeed by helping children learn to read.

Overview of Course Content

This course is for instructors who want to be trained in evidence-based, multi-sensory techniques for teaching students--especially those who are struggling to read. It is an intensive, systematic, phonetic, structured, evidenced-based approach to decoding and word recognition. Instructors will learn how to use multi-sensory visual, interactive, tactile, and auditory learning strategies to help students avoid and overcome reading difficulties. For example, teachers will learn how to engage students in exciting, effective ways by helping them sound, say, and sing syllabic and phonemic sounds.
Ultimately, this is a speech-to-print course. Students will build foundations for excellence in reading and writing by learning how to spell and write phonemic and syllabic sounds. In other words, students will learn how to spell well to read well. The course content includes the following:

Levels 1-3: Phonetic Foundations

  • An introduction to the Science of Reading made simple: What every reading teacher needs to know about how the brain learns to read.
  • An introduction to the Science of Spelling made simple: what every reading teacher needs to know about how systematic spelling instruction enhances reading instruction.
  • Instructors will learn:
  • How to help students master the alphabetic principle
  • How to help students build phonemic awareness through auditory training
  • How to help students master phonetic elements through simple syllables
  • How to help students develop phonemic analysis through syllabic segmentation
  • How to help students build words by using the essential syllabic patterns such as CVC and VCE words

Level 4: Multi-letter consonant sounds

In this section, instructors will learn how to teach students multi-letter sounds such as blends and digraphs. These sound clusters are important because they appear at the beginning and at the end of words. Knowing how to say and spell consonant and vowel clusters provides students with an invaluable key for decoding words.
Level 5: Advanced multi-letter spellings of long vowel sounds
Level 5 introduces students to the long vowel sounds and advanced multi-letter sounds.
English has 15 vowel sounds and 28 different ways to spell those sounds. This presents great difficulty for both teachers and students. This course will help instructors to show their students how to say the vowel sounds and spell all of the various phonograms that represent those sounds so that students can speak, read, and write with greater accuracy.

This course consists of over 100 self-teaching videos, which help students to master the structures of sounds. Interactive digital quizzes help students to target their weaknesses while affirming their strengths and encouraging their efforts.

ScholarSkills will provide webinars and live coaching sessions throughout the training process.

Upon completion of this course, educators will receive certification from ScholarSkills as Level One Orton-Gillingham STAR Instructors. STAR is our acronym for Systematic Training in Analytical Reading. This level one certification means that instructors have been intensively trained in the use of multi-sensory tools to teach and remediate students in foundational reading skills.

Your Instructor

Brian Vieira
Brian Vieira

Mr. Vieira is the President of ScholarSkills Learning Center in N.Y and the Executive Director of Win With Reading. He has been a state-certified teacher, principal, and educational services provider in New York City for nearly thirty years. Mr. Vieira is a reading specialist who offers live and asynchronous courses that equip educators with evidence-based, multi-sensory tools, which help struggling students overcome reading difficulties and specific learning disorders. He is a graduate of Emory University, with an M.A. from Brooklyn College.

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